Why you are here

We all want time freedom.

Like you, I have spent thousands of hours trying to figure it out, work for money, save, invest, and build systems to give us that elusive time. 

There are many ways to do this. For some it's mastering the stock market, others crypto currencies, and hoping the markets go your way.

I chose real estate because 25 cents of every dollar in the US is spent on it. It is not highly liquid. It's local. These give the individual investor an upper hand to institutional money. So why not play where you can win?

This course will teach you four different approaches to time freedom so you can choose one that actually works with your life so you at least know where to focus.

Don't bounce from thing to thing not knowing what works. Many can, but we often don't stick with it long enough. Find out what your target is.

Your Instructor

John Blackman is a real estate developer, brokerage owner, and investor. He teaches others how to build wealth through the same things he has mastered, brokerage, real estate development, and investing in real estate.

Is what I'm doing going to work?

Many of us got to where we are in our jobs or careers by accident or without much intention. Knowing if you are on the right vehicle to achieve your wealth and time goals is the first step.

What are my options

So choose something that actually has the possibility of getting you there. This might mean starting over, but better now than later.

Can I change?

If a change is necessary, it can be tough. Many of us can't handle changing our identities. People do it all the time though. You can change if you want to.

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